Seagate Surveillance in Focus

 In the age of Big Data and AI, surveillance is evolving from traditional “catch-the-thief” security to improved business intelligence for optimizing operations and profitability. Today, surveillance systems have the power to filter and analyze the data on-site, at the edge, for quicker insights and better decision-making—while the cloud still serves a valuable piece of the surveillance puzzle. Regardless of what surveillance environment you have, Seagate has you covered from end-to-end.  

SkyHawk AI Surveillance Storage

 AI demands an entirely new dimension of surveillance storage—far beyond simply supporting standard video streams. Enter SkyHawk AI. The first drive of its kind, SkyHawk AI is custom-engineered to meet the unprecedented workload performance and reliability requirements of AI-enabled surveillance NVR environments. The drive supports up to 550TB per year workload rate, which is up to 3 times the workload of standard surveillance hard drives. Optimized for machine learning and deep learning applications, SkyHawk AI offers support to 50/50 write and read workloads, up to 64 HD video surveillance streams, and up to 16 AI streams.